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Possibly the beginnings of tomatoes on my plant.

Going back and paying for the sandwich.

Doing a long yoga video as the wind rustles the tree outside and blows fresh air through the window.


He finished our beautiful black and white tiled kitchen in our van. I love it so much. Is there anything better than black and white tiles?
The ridiculous wind at the market this morning.
Trying to carry him to bed and hearing him giggle like a maniac.


Sitting in the peace and quiet by the river and remembering what it’s like to be somewhere with no wind. So calm and still and so silent.
So many beautiful views of the sea as we drove further round the coast.
The cute 70’s kitchen in the youth hostel. Such thick paint, such shallow drawers.


Buying fabric.
Using the new sewing machine for the first time.
A pigeon that was being blown sideways across the pavement because of the wind.