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Kissing on the corner.

The cute wine bar that I didn’t know existed.

Talking about poo with Tash.

The tiny kittens

Doi, the beautiful dog at our guest house in Sighnaghi

The view

The lovely man who we booked our day trip with, and his mum. Both of whom fed us wine, bread and cheese. Not long after we’d just eaten a massive khachapuri. #sofull

He became a bitmoji!

Leaving work early and going for a nap.

Dotori and a wine with Jo.

Wine tasting and the beautiful olive groves

The egg hunt back at the villa

Hot tubbing with the mountains in the background

The name game plus bonus behind the curtain round

That tiramisu

Friendly shop assistants in the new fabric shop in FP. Lots of smiles.

Lots of neat boxes with vulva making materials in. I love neat boxes.

Dinner back at the French restaurant we went to on our first date. Delicious and drunken. That chocolate mousse though.

Went for a little walk after Stuart left. Saw a cute squirrel. 

Stuart came back over with wine in the evening to celebrate/commiserate me getting a job that I don’t want. He’s so cute. It’s so nice to see him twice in one day.

Then Jen came round! She finally saw my house and met Stuart. It was a fun little evening with Christmas songs and wine and snacks and silly conversations. 

Feeling stronger and better already. It’s working.

A quick wine and carbs with Jen. That was fun.

Sharing mental health issues with Leila. It was a nice break and it felt good to talk about. 

Bright autumn leaves on the walk home.

Being good at interviewing. I like being on this side of the table.

A big veggie stew on a baked potato with Bivan for dinner. Plus some wine. In front of Bake Off. 

And the smell of lavender in the fresh evening air.

Being up the tower when the bells rang

Drunk aquariums.

Dinner in a really cute local restaurant, with local wine and a yoga shrimp. The walk back to the apartment was fun too.

Going lambing! I was so excited. And by far the oldest child with their parents on the farm.

The smell of my haircut. 

Wine, wine, olives, wine, kissing.

Neat packing. Of the van and the container. 

The event was fun. I like chatting to the women I work with. Even if the event didn’t get as much attention as it should have. 

Showing off my tattoo. He really liked it.

Coming home to my housemates. Shared cigarettes and wine and dinner. It’s nice when we’re all together.

The view down the river. The lit up bridges. The shard. It still takes my breath away.

Silly work lols with Jen. Bulldog clips. Si senior.

Wine and Vietnamese with Holly. She almost cried when I explained the tattoo. She’s a babe.

Walking round Wilkinson’s, getting excited by glittery toilet seats, fake stone foxes and soft towels.

Chucking away a carful of stuff. 

Spending the evening in the hot tub, with wine and then sitting by the fire. On my own and loving it.

My Tudor joke in the advent calendar.

All the red wine with Corinne.

The accidental but totally delicious drunken McDonald’s after all the wine. 

Pottery was really fun tonight. Started my slab pot. It’s going to be a vagina. Obvs.

The sex bell in the speech for Geeta.

Bread, cheese, wine and chocolate. Leaving the office party snacks.


Chatting to the homeless man I used to walk past everyday. He remembered me and even asked about my new job.
A head massage, a glass of wine and a haircut.
Dinner with Becky’s posh friend.


A night in with the flatmates. Wine, Akon, pizza and pasta plus sparklers.
An hours walk in the sun in the middle of the day.
A few moments out in the office garden, away from the screens and amongst the plants.


Wine with Holly
Realising my friends are fabulous. The 18 hour stress yesterday made me realise I’ll be okay. I won’t be dead and alone for days.


Cake pop. Second breakfast.
Patchwork Christmas party. Wine, feminists and Liv.
Jay. The loveliest man on earth.


Learning how to install a washing machine. Did not think I’d learn that.
Some wine.
Spending time with Jonny again


What a day. It was my birthday and my first hot one ever. The whole day was amazing. From blueberry pancakes for breakfast to brilliant presents to the bushtucker wineries tour. I ate crocodile, kangaroo, bush tomatoes and handfuls of free chocolate. We drunk wines, ports and liqueurs and I had my first ever sparkling red wine.
We went for a swim at the beach, took family sea selfies and ate delicious salmon for dinner.
It was the best birthday I’ve ever had and I’m so lucky to have shared it with my wonderful family.


I got given flowers as a leaving present from a lovely customer at work. It was such a surprise.
And then I got given a bottle of wine 2 minutes later by another customer. I was so touched.
I put my flatmates bed together all by myself.


Huge lemons. The one on the left is a regular to large size lemon. The other one is massive!
Giggling over wine with women.
Walking home, walking tall, walking proud.


Lots of free food from the end of the week at work.
The boss was away this afternoon so we could have a bit more of a giggle than usual.
My boyfriend buying a bottle of organic French wine because he knows that I love organic things and French things. Especially French wine. Especially especially French organic wine


A glass of organic red wine as we cleaned up at the end of the shift.
Doing new stuff at work. It’s always fun to learn new things.
A really good meditation this morning.


Happy colleagues means a happy day.
My big fat gypsy holiday.
Finishing work with a glass of wine and feeling really relaxed by the time I got home.


Getting the giggles at work.
The smell of woodsmoke on the walk home.
Laughing at my housemate who drinks wine on the stupidest way.


My boyfriend telling his workmates about the Bechdel test and then, when one said that they don’t watch chick flicks, explaining that films with more women in aren’t women’s films, they are just films that more accurately represent society.
Accidentally semi-shouting ‘cheese, Gromit’ in a momentary lapse in music and chat in the cafe at lunch.
Going for dinner at a new friends house. Lovely food, lots of laughs, plenty of wine and some new people to chat to.


Glasses of wine at the end of the day courtesy of a generous customer and a relaxed boss
Taking home a fish pie and some free treats so neither of us had to cook dinner
It’s only 6 weeks until my parents arrive!


Remembering my dream as I walked to the tube and smiling at the ridiculousness of it. (If you’re wondering, it was about a group of pigeons flying close together to carry another pigeon on its back. They should do this, it looks cool.)

A wine and cheese party. With WAY too much cheese. And an amazing lime and mint cheesecake.

Walking along the docks and riverfront to get to my friends flat. Quiet and calming.

Image: Richard Jung/Ryland, Peters