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Talking to Kevin about making clothes. It’s really nice when someone is genuinely impressed.

Watching the fireworks out the window.

Winning the boob cast that I’m obsessed with!

I won a vibrator! Well, two. One for me and one for Han.

Beers and Vietnamese food with Jonny and Jo. Exactly what I needed.

Jonny went on a date and did lots of PDA and I’m really happy for him.

Wearing my new DMs out and about. I love this look.

The family deciding that, despite us all agreeing to split the money if we won, that I should get the £20 from the Christmas scratch card. 

Yay, Stuart agreed to go on holiday. And soon! Hello cute cottage with a fireplace.


Plum frangipani tart. Some days that’s all you can do.
Potting three balls in a row. And winning a game of pool against Jonny.
A fun mistake.


Seeing Victoria. She’s a pretty big dog
Jonny came home.
Beating him at cards. So much.


Finally feeling like I’m getting through my to do list at work.
My homemade Bircher muesli. It was actually nice!
Winning Shithead four times in a row.


Games night.
Winning Articulate without even hearing the clue
Walking into town and checking out our new neighbourhood


A video about a hippo that lives with a family in South Africa. So cute.

Beating someone on Words With Friends. #win

The idiots on Rude Tube.


I raced a man (he didn’t know) out our building this morning. He was waiting for the lift, I skipped down the stairs. I got there first. Win.

We had a new volunteer at work and it was really great to have someone to chat to. Especially someone who is so similar to me.

I went to my first ever yoga class. And it was free!

Image : kyrinhall (and no, I didn’t manage this. Not even close)