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I get to look after Penny, the tiny dog that is more eyes than face, next weekend!

Board games. Winning at board games.

Sitting in the sun in the park again.

Also, shopping quietly and on my way, being nice to myself was lovely too. And I deserve four nice things today.

We won the free breakfast for the waking challenge!

Getting excited about Car Free Day. I feel good about these plans.

Playing guess the animal with Stuart. And then the Austrian national anthem.

Getting an apology and getting my TOIL.

Beers and pizza with Jonny.

An evening slightly drunk shower. Warm soft feet and sweet smelling skin in bed afterwards.


Almost six hours of Trivial Pursuit.
Winning Trivial Pursuit.
My friends staying with me for hours and hours and hours. And hours. Mainly playing Trivial Pursuit


Plum frangipani tart. Some days that’s all you can do.
Potting three balls in a row. And winning a game of pool against Jonny.
A fun mistake.


Seeing Victoria. She’s a pretty big dog
Jonny came home.
Beating him at cards. So much.


Finally feeling like I’m getting through my to do list at work.
My homemade Bircher muesli. It was actually nice!
Winning Shithead four times in a row.


This. I wish it was for sale.
The first person over the Clifton Suspension Bridge was a woman who ‘picked up her skirts’ and raced off, beating a man across by a few yards.
Being outside and walking through bright green, breathing fresh air and seeing fallen blossom.


Games night.
Winning Articulate without even hearing the clue
Walking into town and checking out our new neighbourhood


More beautiful scenery on the drive home.
Winning at the guessing games that I’m usually rubbish at.
Chatting with our housemates when we got back and having a giggle.


One of mums Sunday lunches. And it was the best one ever.

Playing Cludo with my boyfriend and dad. No winning.

Sleeping Naked Mole Rats on Africa.


A video about a hippo that lives with a family in South Africa. So cute.

Beating someone on Words With Friends. #win

The idiots on Rude Tube.