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The seedlings have grown enormously. Especially the courgettes.

The busy bird activity outside my window this morning – blackbirds and blue tits all diving into and out of the ivy.

The fox on the path.

Weaving my basket and thinking about my therapy.

The gentle wood smoke smell in my bedroom.

Kicking through the bright yellow leaves on the pavement.

The whole wood working day. The bright blue sky, being outside, the fire, making a bowl, the feminist chat at lunchtime, the end result. It was brilliant.

Smelling like wood smoke

Waking up, smelling like wood smoke from the fire last night.

An accidental loud, parp-y kind of fart in the shower. That made me full on lol.

Jonny came to stay. We went for Turkish food, ping pong and watched Archer in bed. It was perfect. 

The smell of wood smoke.

The ridiculously incredible paneer thali.

Doing some yoga when I got home.


Wood smoke
A cheer up dinner for him. I haven’t had roast chicken in ages! Plus there was the most delicious brownie too.
Having Gavin and Ryan back at work. The day is so much more fun with them around. And it was so nice to stay afterwards and just chat to Ryan when neither of us were working.


Being home. Seeing the countryside and beautiful villages. Smelling the fresh air and wood smoke. And feeling bizarrely Christmassy.
Seeing my dresses and clothes that I left behind. My wardrobe has just quadrupled in size.
Just being in my childhood house. So much stuff is the same. I move around the house in the same way. It’s really comforting.


Lying on the sand with my legs in the sun at Cathedral Cove.
Going through the carwash.
The smell of wood burning at the campsite.


Smelling wood smoke then cut grass on a little walk in the sun and getting excited about going camping with all my family this weekend


The dinner I made this evening was surprisingly delicious. I couldn’t stop eating it. I don’t normally think my cooking is anything special but I really enjoyed eating it tonight.



The smell of wood smoke and a blue sky. It’s made me yearn for a day in the countryside.

A bunch of perfectly crisp red grapes. Which I demolished in record time.

Paperman, the new short film from Disney.


My brother found his old glue gun. So I can borrow that and not pay a penny!

The origami workshop. In a wigwam. On top of a building in central London. With hot cider.

PLUS a firepit that has made me smell deliciously smokey. I might not wash for a few days to hold on to this smell for longer…

victoria park autumn

Going for a long afternoon walk around the park, singing out loud. I can’t tell you how happy kicking through the leaves made me today.

Deciding to walk a bit further and then smelling that incredible autumn smell of sharply cold air, leaves and wood smoke. The best decision I made today.

Getting my prize from Lush through the post. Natural, handmade goodies galore. Hurrah!

mandarin duck

Smelling wood smoke from one of the boats on the canal

Seeing my favourite type of duck, the Mandarin Duck, out on the canal. And fighting his corner for some bread.

Chocolate biscuits. Probably one too many. But they’re so good.

Image: Shanek54