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The artists that drew and painted the park. And one had me in!

Loose dried mango at Green and Glory.

Making a birthday video for Fiona’s brother in law where I popped up at the end.

Voicenotes from Jo that validate how I feel.

Today was busy but kinda exciting. Being a manager over the summer is going to be tough but it’s made me feel more able already.

Selling Sunset and watermelon.

I made it back to work and everything has grown huge and green and flowery!

Gossiping with Sally all day.

Hannah is back! And she bought round dinner.

Seems like I have the acting up role AND we might have an extra person in the office.

A night out at the pub with the LEGGS, following an amusing selfie with an awkward bag.

Dancing in the toilet at Liverpool Street Station with my headphones on, trying to make the toilet flush.

19 lovely people at my dementia friendly walk. And it was sunny and we found all the colours of the rainbow.

Feeling lots of feelings Hannah.

Leaving work on a Friday when the sun is shining and there’s a three day weekend ahead.

Being part of the dementia strategy meeting.

Spending about 40 minutes with the volunteers, mainly chatting about migraines and choirs.

An evening testing each other on French weird whilst cuddled up in bed, looking at the full moon.

Cleaning the shower and mopping the floor. It’s been forever. I finally had the energy for it.

Driving the van. And then WFH for the rest of the afternoon.

Chatting to Sally about the job and how annoying Louisa is.

Leaving work at 4pm and watching two episodes of Succession. Whilst texting Jonny saying things like: Logan DIES?! Shiv is PREGNANT?!

Cheesy garlicy rice.

The cllr at the conference.

Weeding in the afternoon.

Going for a walk around the park, putting up new posters. There’s lots of new flowers and colours popping up everywhere.

Crumpets. Buttery buttery crumpets.

A meeting with John T and Sally in it. I really like those two.

Seeing the robin flying in and out by my window, making its nest.

The softness of my new homemade t-shirt.

BW in the sun for a small time this morning.

Driving the van and singing.

Bake Off the Musical. Absolutely bonkers.

Surprisingly, staying late and getting some work done in the quiet.

Salmon risotto.

Soya chocolate mousse pot

Found out I was nominated for March Stars of the Month 😌

I took the book to Common Press. Fingers crossed!

Arthur turned up to Park Cuppa and did his usual teasing.

Singing the nursery rhymes with the cello and violin at the intergenerational event.

Chatting to Arthur and meeting Ellen.

Baking a carrot cake together.

The fence was still there! So pleased!

Siri bought me in a little overnight oats for breakfast.

The sudden hail and thunder storm. I love big weather.

Seeing the toads mating in the pond.

Being out and chatting to the volunteers.

The clap on the back from Bob for getting my job.

Watching Sally see her certificate I made her.

Just a lot of chatting today between me Louisa and Sally. And it felt like we were all getting along too.

Jonny. And evening with him. It’s so nice to have him back here, even if it’s just for an evening. Petek, gossip and couples therapy.

Coming back into work to a card from Chris and Beth congratulating me on getting my job.

Getting Employee of the Year!

Being part of the managers meeting and hearing about all the things that are going on.

A nice guided walk. It was sunny. They liked me.

Cuddles with Max.

Patting the dog on the escalator

Cinnamon on rice pudding. New to me and super delicious.

Finally completing my job application.

Foot and face mask lols.

I was mentioned in the IWD event for my vulva work.

‘I get the second born’ ‘Minimus?’

Finally finally almost done with the job application!

Apple crumble and custard at lunch.

TikTok. My saviour.

I managed to do my IWD posters.

The health and nature walk. Despite being absolutely sure I wanted to miss it! We all picked up textured things for me to make artwork with.

Being told that I’m the first person to have looked into community safety for Muslim women in the borough. Seems highly unlikely but I’m pleased I’ve been doing a good job.

Deciding to eat all the ice cream.

A really positive MHA meeting that felt like it’s got us moving in the right direction again.

My books are going to be in secondary schools in the borough! I’m so excited!


A morning at home. It felt like I had hours of time to myself. It was so nice.

Seeing all the other people walking the diversion through Aster Meadow. Not sure why but it just made me smile to see people doing the walk with other people.

A night with Hannah. She helped with the envelopes and she really liked dinner and we tried the dildo.

Being outside and mostly working away by myself. Raking. Dragging. Cutting.

Sally has now also started diagnosing people with borderline personality disorder.

Singing singing singing!

Bitching with Sally. God I hope she doesn’t get the other job.

The art session was a success I think? They certainly loved hammering the flowers!

Clean sheets.

Oh my god I sold out of all the books! In less than 24 hours! I can’t believe it!

A lovely guided walk for the Arab meet up group.

Coming at the same time.

My vulva book is heeeeere! I’m so excited!

Discovering the drag king at work went to the same college as me.

Sending Hannah the photos I thought I’d lost.

Being outside with the volunteers and no Syd or Louisa. Lovely new volunteers too.

The bizarre moment when two random men came into the centre and one of them played us a song on his guitar.

Teeny tiny flowers on the hazel.