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Happily sewed a pair of pyjamas, making them nice because I wanted to. And just knowing how to do it.

Seeing Jo for a dusk walk to Boots.

Dipping Yorkshire puddings into a mug of almost-gravy.


Seeing friends at Ming’s birthday lunch
Accidentally coughing straight into his mouth
Sunday roast. Gotta love a Yorkshire pudding


Cooking Yorkshire Puddings at work. Delicious. I haven’t had any since being at home eight months ago.
Getting my first pay cheque in eight months too!
My old boss had her baby! Hurrah, he looks like a good one. It’s also her first baby in eight months. Well, nine. Well, her first baby ever. But it fit the pattern of the blog.


Coming home to see my parents

Seeing cows

Mum’s excitement at boat shaped Yorkshire puddings


Getting my micro fleece for travelling I.e. getting to go shopping. Yay!

Our roast dinner – pork, crackling, amazing Yorkshire pudding and crispy potatoes. Well worth not being a vegetarian for a day

A message from my mum