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This vulva. It makes me smile. It looks a bit like a potato but in the loveliest way. It was this image I chose to share my story. 

The bright green fields on the train up to see my family. 

All my family, on the boat. 

Being in beautiful Toulouse, all on my own.

The gorgeous AirBnB I’m staying in.

Buying my French favorites – grape juice, apple puree and an incredible chocolate mousse.


When another tube rides past, alongside yours, for 2 seconds before it disappears into another route.
The heat from the sun. You could really feel it today.
The database chat with James and Sophie.


Looking back through our travel blog. We had such an incredible time. And wrote some very funny blogs.
Walking through London in the sunshine, feeling happy and good and positive.
Jonny’s 10 point plan for the iced tea idea.


Winklewagons. Or trolleys.
Playing Shithead.
Being back home in the UK after 20 months.


We booked our flights home. Well almost home. To Amsterdam.
Packing up the van in the evening, with that fading light that reminds me of packing cars up for holidays. I can’t believe we’re going to live in it.
The Mindy Project. I need to start watching this properly.


A really fun and fast day at work with lots to do and no tired feet.
The F Word. A show at Bats Theatre about sexism that was Ah.Maze.Ing. Funny and clever and just brilliant. I’m still buzzing from it.
Roughly planning our trip around New Zealand in January. It suddenly feels a lot more real and exciting. Plus I’m feeling less worried about the money side of it all.


Getting our vaccinations, looking at bags and being one step closer to going away

Walking throughout the gorgeous St James’ Park in the brilliant sunshine, looking out on the sparkling water, the colourful blossom and the abundance of birds – herons, pelicans, geese and fluffy baby geese.

The first BBQ of the year. Hello halloumi


Booking trains and ferries to start our big trip! It’s official. We’ve booked and paid for transport to start us on our overland trip from here to New Zealand. It’s happening!

Speaking to people in the evening about New Zealand and how much they loved it. Which got me really excited again.

Dancing with friends and my boyfriend to some great songs I haven’t heard in a while.


Frightened Lego Frodo

Squishing my boyfriend’s bum

More travel plans coming together. And just generally thinking about it all. Eek.

20130317-215148.jpgHearing my boyfriend clean the bathroom whilst I was still snoozing in bed

Changing our travel plans so that we now go to Denmark, Sweden and Finland. I was so happy I danced around the room.

The shorn alpaca in Kevin McCloud’s Man Made Home



Having a sort out and throwing away stuff that’s been hanging around the flat for years

Planning and researching our trip. Well, the first bit across Europe and the Trans Mongolian route.

And possibly getting him to agree to leaving for it sooner!


Going into STA Travel and finding out more about our trip away. Goodbye stressful job, hello world!

Getting all feminist and empowered at the fundraising event for my friend’s amazing girls football project.

Chatting to a minor celebrity at the fundraising event and making her laugh. Win.