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An extra long No Such Thing As A Fish. Perfect for a day of feeling unwell.

Salmon teriyaki.

Meeting Jordan. He seems really nice and he makes Rosie happy.

Itsu lunch.

Hannah’s voicenote.

A new book borrowed from Louisa.

Getting home.

Tea in a pub with date Hannah.

Salmon for dinner.

Drew a plant.

Ronain breastfed for the first time.

Hot smoked salmon.

Another free lunch from Roger. Salmon and plantain today.

The Fish guys, cheering me up after a teary evening.

A couple of fun chats at work. I like my team.

It was my birthday! We went for a beautiful walk along the beach with a clear blue sky and a calm sea.

Sitting outside at the pub in the sunshine, with the sea just meters away.

Dinner with everyone. Amazing salmon. ALL the cheeses. Followed by the parcel game. So much love and laughter.


This teeny tiny phone
Getting salmon delivered with Dish Next Door. So middle class.
Watching Black Books together. The jam really got me.


Amazing (free) salmon for lunch.
“I can’t believe there’s a tiger here”
“The more you pull it, the harder it gets”


Daffodils. Just because. And they remind me of mum.
The sun.
Delicious salmon.


‘My heart emoji in a sea of shit emojis’
Teriyaki salmon for lunch.


We’re in Melbourne! Beautiful, sunny, cafe filled Melbourne.
The delicious salmon rice dish for lunch. So yummy.


Being excited about new things, like salmon teeth.
Life drawing.


Going out for brunch and having the best eggs and salmon I’ve ever had.
Walking arm in arm, drinking a delicious homemade, organic chai from the new Mister Chai caravan.
The blog about feminism and rape culture that my boyfriend put up on Facebook.